Rope the Cowboys

3 Sep

ImageTexas 37, Wyoming 17

Sept. 1, 2012 • DKR

We’ve used string to substitute for rope before, but the thicker rope (found in our garage early Saturday morning) seemed a little more authentic.

ImageThis first tailgate of the 2012 season took a little while to assemble, but once that generator was humming, we were good to go.

ImageWe had some trouble with the satellite dish, but that didn’t keep us from watching LHN!

ImageBecause of the extreme heat, cold sandwiches were on the menu. Since we felt like we were already in an oven, no one missed the grill.

ImageWe ended up with a decent crowd, even if we did get off to a late start and our ringleader was away being a good volleyball dad.

As for the game, here’s a glimpse into what we saw from our Section 1 viewpoint:

Bergeron on the verge of our first TD

Double “Script Texas”! So nice of the LHB to match our rope spelling this week.

Visitors from Wyoming

Full moon = extra lighting

Bergeron runs for another TD

Happiness is an orange Tower


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