Obedience School for the Lobos

8 Sep

Texas 45, New Mexico 0

Sept. 8, 2012 • DKR

In nature lobos are wild, ferocious creatures. In DKR, however, the UNM Lobos were more like cute little puppy dogs. They did a lot of yipping and yapping in the first half, holding the Horns to just 17 points, but in the end, they were really good at rolling over and playing dead. (Hat tip to Amy E. for suggesting the dog biscuits!)

We had a good crowd at the tailgate. The sausage wraps with grilled brats were tasty, and watching A&M’s SEC debut was not a bad dessert. Nothing like seeing 30 Texas fans doing the Gator chomp!

Adding to the usual DKR atmosphere was the Alumni Band (and the legendary Baton Guy). As for the game, the Horns got off to another slow start (scary!), but it’s hard to complain about a 45-point shut-out.

The dog treats and their fixed size made spelling Texas and making the state outline a little more difficult than I would’ve thought.

See what I mean? If we ever use Milk Bones again, I’ll buy the smaller ones. (At least our dog appreciates the larger treats!)

New signs and flags for the tents! Coors Light is now an official sponsor of UT Athletics, so we have the university’s blessing to display the banners.

Sausage wraps!

The season ahead

Watching the ags and Gators

So nice that my niece and nephew-in-law could join us for the game! (Thanks, Dede, for your generosity!)

Big Bertha and the “big Q-Tip”

Alpha Phi Omega and the largest Texas flag

So good to see the Tyler Rose, Earl Campbell, walking on the field! Earl has struggled with back pain for years.

Earl was on the field for the coin toss.

Randy Peschel was the “mystery Longhorn” for the intro video. “Street to Peschel” is legendary in Texas football history. Peschel’s pass reception sealed the Horns’ 1969 national championship. See here for more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FszLa0AhBxI

While in DKR, I documented Texas’ Southwest Conference championships—you know, just to show what an accurate list looks like. To see an inaccurate list, click here: http://deadspin.com/5941380/texas-am-picked-up-two-national-championships-two-conference-titles-over-the-summer

Here are actual Big 12 championships, not south division ones. Ahem.

We were on the Godzillatron!!!

David Ash drops back to pass.

Pass to Malcolm Brown (the one on offense, not the DT)

The LHB and alumni band celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UT Tower

The Tower with the “75”

A special “Eyes of Texas” for our Tower. For some reason, singing to a building didn’t seem as odd as that time we sang “The Eyes” to Bevo.

Second half entrance

Did not realize until this game that we use the weird pictures to signal defensive plays

Years later, and the “Get Your Horns Up” promo still gets the crowd going.

Yet another Longhorn TD!



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