Ole Mess

15 Sep

Texas 66, Ole Miss 31

Sept. 15, 2012 • Oxford, MS

Ew, ew and EW! This was the messiest, stickiest, ickiest SPELL TEXAS yet! And the finished product? The Mississippi mud cake might not have been that bad, but I’ve changed enough diapers in my day to see a certain resemblance. Again, EW!

Fortunately, the Horns’ offense looked nothing like our cake tonight!  David Ash had a great game, as did Marquise Goodwin and Malcolm Brown. In spite of a game-opening drive that stalled on our own 31, the O came through big-time, showing strength on the ground and in the air.

One of my football buddies was in Oxford for the game, but I was plenty happy on my couch. ESPN carried the game, but I ended up watching the alternate angles on Longhorn Network so I could hear Craig Way’s call. And man, do I love hearing The Eyes and seeing the Tower light up at game’s end, all thanks to LHN (and U-verse, who finally decided we are worthy of this channel).

Now I know it’s bad form to gripe about your team after a 35-point win, but good grief, our D needs to step it up in a hurry. Okie State, West Virginia and ou will roll all over us if we can’t plug some holes and actually—oh, what’s the word?—TACKLE. Special teams gave up a 99-yard kickoff return for a TD, too.

Still, in spite of that rather—ahem!—poopy play, the end result was just like that Mississippi Mud Cake: SWEET.


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