How Sweet It Is

20 Oct

Texas 56, Baylor 50

Oct. 29, 2012 • DKR

After two consecutive losses, this win was particularly tasty, but nothing could be as sweet as these “Honey Bears” from the Czech Stop in West. For past games against Baylor, UCLA and Cal, we’ve spelled Texas with honey, gummy bears and plenty of Teddy Grahams. This time, though, it was time to pay homage to that United Nations of college football fans, the little Czech bakery at exit 353 on I-35, where Texas, BU, Texas State and aggy fans all seem to converge on football weekends. 

From the outset we knew this game would not be a repeat of last week’s loss shellacking debacle. On our first play from scrimmage, Joe Bergeron exploded off the line, running 84 yards for a touchdown. That would be his first of five TDs for the night.

A defensive stop on Baylor’s first possession made us think that maybe our defense had turned the corner, too. But no. Of course, our special teams play didn’t help matters. On our next possession, we had to punt, but when the ball sailed over the punter’s head, Baylor got the ball on our 8. One play later, and the game was tied.

That’s pretty much how the evening proceeded: good defensive play followed by stupid misread; great run followed by unwise pass. For every gem (such as Johnathan Gray’s first of what should be many, many touchdowns) there was a D’OH (like QB Ash running for 6 yards before throwing the ball away).

With five games left in the season, it’s easy to see that that will be our lot: explosive moments on offense, total meltdowns on defense, and smart plays mixed with bonehead moves all around.

So Longhorn Nation begs for change, calling for new schemes, new coaches, a new direction for this program. Something or someone has got to get us back to our standard, but for today, I’m thankful for this sweet W.

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