Why My Mind Wandered During the Sermon

21 Jan

Seven years and 17 days ago, the Texas Longhorns dethroned the mighty USC Trojans to win college football’s national championship. Amid all the hoopla that followed, one interesting photo surfaced:


It was the picture of an SC Song Girl cheering at a most inopportune time, right after Texas had gone up by 3 with 19 seconds to play. (This was actually after the 2-point conversion that followed VY’s incredible 4th-and-5 run for the lead and into Longhorn history.)

Our associate preacher mentioned this famous “reaction shot” in his sermon yesterday, and it took me back to that unforgettable night in Pasadena. I could see the pandemonium inside the Rose Bowl. I could feel my heart pound as I watched Vince tuck the ball and run to his right. I could hear the confetti cannons pop-pop-popping as time expired, the delirious “I don’t know you but I love you” confessions from fans-turned-brothers in the seats near ours. Any mention of that game brings back a flood of emotions, and I’m never reluctant to relive those glorious hours.

But by mentioning that Song Girl, our preacher also reminded me of the Hornfans message board thread that appeared in the days soon after the game: “USC Cheerleader Travels.”

In those heady days of January 2006, that Song Girl was photoshopped into all kinds of tragic events. Tacky? Absolutely! Funny? You be the judge:








OK, so maybe those are more tasteless than funny. What IS funny is that the preacher’s comment about an inappropriate reaction (in an excellent sermon available here) led to my inappropriate reminiscing!

Yep, I think it’s safe to say that with this post, Spell Texas has officially jumped the shark.


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