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New Year, New Look

9 Jul

(both via @UTexasEquipment)

The football equipment reps have been busy today, tweeting photos of the team’s new uniforms.

The biggest changes are the fabric (Nike Pro Combat Hypercool) and the steerhead under the collar. One tweet claims the number on the jersey’s front is smaller than on last year’s jerseys, but on the mannequin, that 55 looks HUGE! Maybe it’s an optical illusion because the TEXAS is so close to the numbers? It’s hard to tell, but the word seems closer than in the past:


Colt McCoy in 2006 (from Wikipedia Commons)

Speaking of numbers, the sleeve numbers have moved to the tops of the shoulders (think Peter Gardere era). The back of the jersey will have the player’s name (and not the redundant, font-clashing Texas).

Coach Royal, talking about uniforms as work clothes, said you don’t “candy ’em up.” Because of that—not to mention my appreciation for the classic, steadfast, traditional uni—I cringe when changes come along. I fear the rampant jersey rotation a la Oregon, the trendy, soon-to-be dated wild colors and stripes and stylized mascots. But then I’m reminded that the Horns’ look changed quite a bit during DKR’s tenure. And an extra steerhead on the front is hardly candy. I am a little worried that adding a patch, say, for a bowl game, will make these jerseys look better suited for NASCAR than football. Still, even though it’s too busy for my taste, these aren’t even close to wild. And as they say, the “kids” love updated jerseys.

So vive la différence! As long as our guys have “Texas” on the front and horns on the helmet, I can’t complain. But you know, I’m thinking nothing will look as good on our team as much as WINNING.

For more photos of the new jerseys and pants, check out the Twitter feed: While you’re at it, follow @UTexasEquipment for cool pix and updates through the year, especially in the fall.