Of Roaches and Rain Delays

30 Oct

TEXAS_tcu13Texas 30, TCU 7

Oct. 26, 2013 • Fort Worth, Texas

For our last two games against the Horned Frogs, we went the authentic route and spelled Texas with actual frog legs. Alas, this gameday was a crazy-busy one, so there was no time to hunt down some of the tasty amphibians.  Besides, I’m sure real horned frog legs would taste nothing like chicken! Instead, we went with the ol’ Darrell K Royal quote about TCU after the Frogs spoiled Texas’ perfect 1961 season: “They’re like a bunch of cockroaches. It’s not what they eat and tote off, it’s what they fall into and mess up that hurts.”

Disclaimer: As a DFW resident, I know tons of wonderful TCU fans, and I am in no way trying to say their team is a bunch of roaches. I also acknowledge that TCU has held its own of late, including that big 2011 Rose Bowl win. Still, this is a little nod to Texas history—not to mention an easy spelling medium to find this close to Halloween.

Last Thanksgiving, the Frogs managed to ruin our turkey dinners, embarrassing our woefully unprepared team in front of a national audience. This time around, with us all coming off the high of beating our arch-rival, it was easy to imagine our guys crashing back to reality right there in Amon G. Carter. TCU was even favored by 2! And honestly, until TCU fumbled deep in their own territory, it looked like we could be in big trouble. Fortunately, we managed to build a 10-point lead in the second quarter and my heart rate was starting to chill a little. But then the weather diverted our attention—and our plans for an early bedtime.



Watching the lightning streak across the sky to our left, we were optimistic that the storm would stay north of us. We checked and rechecked the radar forecasts on our phones, hoping against hope that the rain we’d been promised would just stay the heck away. With 6 minutes to go in the first half, though, officials cleared the field and the wait was on.

Rain, rain, go away...

Rain, rain, go away…

Ever so patient

Ever so patient

At first the delay seemed like a good thing, giving us a chance to use the restroom and grab something to eat. But then the lightning just kept on coming. We knew that each close strike meant another 30-45 minutes of waiting, so with each crash, we cringed. By the time the game resumed 3 hours and 6 minutes later, most of the sell-out crowd had headed home. The more hardy of us were able to upgrade our seats, opting for the nice chairbacks in our case.

We're back!

We’re back!

Our reward for sticking it out? Seeing a dominating Longhorn performance on both sides of the ball! After the delay, the game was never in doubt. That would’ve been plenty of “payment” for our loyalty, but Mack had another surprise up his sleeve: He burned Tyrone Swoopes’ redshirt! With David Ash still out and Case our only QB, Mack must’ve wanted to give Swoopes some snaps in a low-stress situation. Apparently Swoopes and the staff were OK with putting him in, and this late in a game with a 23-point lead seemed pretty darn low-stress! We certainly hope Tyrone will turn into the world-beater he seems destined to be, and when he does, we’ll be able to say we saw his first snap as a Longhorn.

Swoopes under center. The redshirt's gone!

Swoopes under center. The redshirt’s gone!

It’s crazy to think that this Longhorn team is the same one that lost to BYU and Ole Miss. But here we are, 4-0 in the Big 12 and after 42 days, finally—FINALLY!—heading back home to DKR. With the defensive improvements and the stronger running game, who knows what our team can accomplish? Hook ’em!

Some highlights:

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