Stillwater Runs Deep

16 Nov

Texas 28, Oklahoma State 7

Nov. 15, 2014 • Stillwater, OK

I’ve only been there once, and that was during the summer, but Stillwater seems like it’d be a pretty cool place to see a game. If Eskimo Joe’s is part of your gameday, how bad could it be? Besides, it would be a trip to see (and hear!) those paddles hitting the sideline walls and watch the OSU fans do their one-armed waving thing. In honor of this town I hope to revisit, this week’s Texas is spelled with “still water.”

Too bad my return couldn’t be for this game, the “Bowl Eligibility Bowl.” Which team would get that all-important sixth win? I knew we could beat Okie State, looking vulnerable with their 5-4 record. Then again, we were at 5-5, so what did I know? Early on, though, we had this one. Our D was solid through most of it. (Darn those nine first downs and the score that blew the shutout!) Our offense, even with some missed kicks thrown in, managed to get those points on the board, mostly in the first half. And that pass to Foreman?


The second half drop-off in production still puzzles me—What’s going on at halftime? Are other coaches THAT good at adjustments, or are we just that bad?—but we still put 9 on the board after halftime, including that sweet afore(man)mentioned TD pass. And whadyaknow, we’ve won three in a row. For this team that has struggled this season, raising questions of locker room buy-in and coaching quality, here we sit with six wins. And you know what that means:


But first, let’s not forget Turkey Day, when it’ll be OUR turn to be the cockroaches and mess up TCU’s title hopes. After the Frogs’ close call with Kansas, that upset may not be so far-fetched.


My attention level during the first half (as imitated by Frisco)


My attention level late in the game


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