Yellow Fever

3 Oct

Oklahoma State 30, Texas 27 

Sept. 26, 2015 • DKR

True story: The day after this Texas-OSU debacle, I was watching the Dallas Cowboys game. I missed the first part of the game, but soon after I finally sat down to watch, Dallas scored. My first reaction was not to celebrate but to check the screen to see if there were any yellow flags.

How else would I respond after spending Saturday afternoon watching every great play called back, feeling every bit of momentum taken away by those stupid yellow flags?

I picked Slo-Pokes for this week’s game, hoping, praying that the RIGHT orange could slow down these OSU Pokes. Little did I know that this candy’s color would be foreshadowing what really beat us.

Our D was at times lackluster, giving up too many yards on the ground. But when we had a huge play against the Pokes’ offense, invariably it was called back.

Our offense sputtered plenty (and apparently Jerrod was coming off a stomach bug), but our explosive, big-gain runs and pass completions were too often followed by those frickin’ yellow flags.

Of course, the fumbled snap on that last punt was Terrible with a capital T, as were the pointless plays run that series that led to the punt. Yes to all of that. But when you’ve just seen the refs literally hand your opponent 25 yards to kick the tying field goal, it’s hard to swallow defeat. The bogus “defensive holding” ON A RUN PLAY followed by the unsportsmanlike call on Charlie Strong (WHEN THE REF INITIATED CONTACT) are indefensible. This was NBA-level bad. Even if he HAD been too aggressive when arguing that call, who throws that flag late in a game? Have you EVER seen that? Seriously.

Check out the 11:09 mark:

The Texas fumble recovery that was ruled to be OSU’s ball is right before that, too. Texas had the ball before the big dogpile and after, but apparently the Okie State guy who NEVER EVEN PUT HIS RIGHT ARM IN THE PILE got possession.

I know, I know: It’s never good to blame a loss on officiating, and because of my love for my dear friend who was a ref, I typically bite my tongue and give the benefit of the doubt. But for this struggling team to lose this way? Unacceptable.

So now my guys are sitting at 1-3 heading into the DFW gauntlet of TCU and ou. But from what I’ve seen the last two weeks, I think we pull the upset in at least one of those games. We’ve got the right coach, and our young players are getting their feet under them. If we can just catch a few breaks, who knows? This team is HUNGRY and may have just enough Texas Fight in them to overcome not just their own mistakes but those damn yellow flags.



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