Painting with Parents

26 Dec

Born in Austin, I’ve been a Texas fan for as long as I can remember, and that only intensified when I attended UT. But this year, I added a new level to my allegiance: Now I’m also a Texas parent.

One of the great comforts during this, our first year with a kid away at college, has been the Texas Parents Association, especially the group’s Facebook page. It’s been a great help to see what other parents (and their students, of course) are going through. It’s always good to know you’re not alone with your hopes and fears. It’s also great to have a source for advice when dealing with issues that can come up on the Forty Acres.

Shortly after Bevo XIV died, a DFW mom suggested a Bevo painting party for Metroplex Texas parents. I jumped at the chance to memorialize my favorite steer and meet some fellow parents to boot.

When I arrived at the Lover’s Lane Painting with a Twist location, I soon knew I was among “my people”:


After many reminders that we were not creating “fine art” but “fun art,” we were underway. We sketched Bevo first:


Then the artists-in-residence led us through the process to create our masterpieces. I was again reminded why I write and don’t draw, but I was still pleased that if you blur your eyes, you can at least tell what my subject was:


It was fun getting to meet the other parents, and it was cool to see how our paintings varied so much, even though we all followed the same steps and instructions.


We had a great turnout for this event.


I hope we can do something similar later this year or next.



Uncanny resemblance, huh?


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