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18 Feb


Texas 59, UTEP 3

September 12, 2020 • DKR

Welcome back, sports fans! It’s football season, but this time, in a pandemic! NOTHING is the same! New seats! New regulations! No Longhorn Band! Less noise! And construction!

IMG_0260Because of COVID, far fewer season ticket holders opted in for this year. (I told T and Dede that I would go along with their choice—in or out—but I was delighted that they were IN.) To abide by social distancing restrictions, UT separated fans with empty rows and seats between groups. That meant we were moved from our longtime seats in Section 1 to the upper deck where we could practically touch the moon! OK, not really, but we did see birds flying BELOW us.

COVID rules also meant no tailgating and no Bevo Blvd., so that whole social aspect of gamedays was sorely missed. But the streak of attending games in DKR lives on! 

Like a lot of sports venues, DKR filled seat with cardboard cutouts. For a small fee, you could put your likeness (or a loved one’s) in the stands. Of course, I knew that was Daisy’s big moment. From our perch on high, we spotted my pup, all dressed up and on the front row! Who would’ve guessed she’d end up with a better seat than our group?



Our season was supposed to begin with a rematch against LSU in Baton Rouge. Considering how close we had played the Tigers in 2019, not to mention that they had won the CFP championship last season, we were anxious to take another shot at ’em. Alas, COVID interrupted, and UTEP was our season opener.

Unlike the close contest that matchup could’ve been, this game was never in doubt. Not that I’m complaining: I love me a blowout when it goes our way!



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