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Gold-Bears for the Golden Bears

28 Dec

Texas 21, Cal 10

Dec. 28, 2011 • Holiday Bowl

When Texas faced Cal in its 2011 bowl game, it was tempting to go back to our tried-and-true Teddy Grahams or even honey in honor of the Golden Bears. But the “golden” part of the mascot’s name provided the inspiration, and Haribo Gold-Bears were called into action.

I didn’t make the trip to San Diego for this bowl game, so our TEXAS was spelled at the foot of—appropriately enough—our UT Christmas tree.

These two guys were kind enough to watch the game with me. (The pizza might’ve been the real draw.)

Even our “little” ChaCha stuck around to cheer on the Horns.

It might not have been the typical tailgating scene, but any game-watching that ends with a Longhorn win works for me!


Tough Teddies

3 Dec

Baylor 48, Texas 24

Dec. 3, 2011 • Waco

Since we play Baylor every year, it’s hard to think of new ways to “bearly” spell Texas. After going with Waco-born Dr Pepper in 2010, I once again used Teddy Grahams for the 2011 Baylor game. Unfortunately, the Bears on the field weren’t quite as sweet as the honey graham variety photographed on my kitchen countertop. Led by Heisman-winner Robert Griffin III, Baylor demolished the Horns.

Since my daughter’s region band concert was at the same time as the game, I didn’t get to see a down of this one. It’s rarer than rare for me to miss at least watching a Texas game on TV, but in this case, I think I was lucky to miss the carnage!


Kiss the Aggies Goodbye

24 Nov

Texas 27, Texas A&M 25

Nov. 24, 2011 • College Station

With A&M leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, this game represented the end of the storied rivalry for the foreseeable future. At my in-laws’ for Thanksgiving dinner, I grabbed some chocolate from Nana’s candy dish to create one last aggy tribute, a goodbye (Hershey’s) kiss.

As for the game itself? The Horns certainly gave those ags a great send-off! For posterity’s sake, here’s how the game ended:

“And it’s goodbye to A&M…”

Kit Kats for the Wildcats

19 Nov

Kansas State 17, Texas 13

Nov. 19, 2011 • DKR

To quote the old Kit Kat commercials, “Gimme a break!” This was NOT the way we wanted to send off the 2011 senior class.

At least we enjoyed a great tailgate!

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Frosted Flakes for the Tigers

12 Nov

Missouri 17, Texas 5

Nov. 12, 2011 • Columbia, MO

Only a Tiger would think this game was “GRRRREAT.” Mizzou was vicious, like, um, a “cereal killer.”

The only good thing about this lousy game? It took place during a free weekend of Longhorn Network, the fantastic all Horns, all the time channel that was not available from my cable provider at the time. My husband was out of town, but with LHN streaming online, I fell asleep with my Macbook at my side. (Sad but true!)

Tortillas for Tech

5 Nov

Texas 52, Tech 20

Nov. 5, 2011 • DKR

We have used tortillas for Texas Tech almost exclusively. For one, Tech students are known for flinging tortillas at their games. Plus, tortillas are easy to cut, making it simple to shape the letters (and in this case, the state outline). Besides bug spray, what else could you use for the Raiders, anyway?

This was a special game because my daughter was able to join me. It turned out to be a crazy weekend for us because we were in San Antonio Friday for a band contest, spent the night there, then drove back to Austin for the game before returning to San Antone for the contest finals. What a weekend! Thank goodness the Horns gave us plenty of reason to celebrate as we spent all that time in the car.

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Sunflower Seeds for the Sunflower State

29 Oct

Texas 43, Kansas 0

Oct. 29, 2011 • DKR

We’ve had fun with the Kansas Jayhawks over the years, using Sun Chips and even sidewalk chalk (for “Sidewalk Chalk Jayhawk”). But this year, we got seedy with the Sunflower State.

Anytime the Horns shut out their opponent, it’s a good time, but this was Alumni Band day, which made a great day even greater. You just gotta love the baton guy!

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Brisket for the Cowboys

15 Oct

Oklahoma State 38, Texas 26

Oct. 15, 2011 • DKR

The brisket was great! The game? Not so much. Oh, well. Any day that includes a visit from Hook ’Em can’t be all bad.

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8 Oct

ou 55, Texas 17

Oct. 8, 2011 • Cotton Bowl, State Fair of Texas

Fried food, ESPN College Gameday, 7-coupon Shiner and that big ol’ Texas Star ferris wheel. The day had all the makings of greatness; then the game started. Oh, well. Any day that starts with Fletcher’s corny dogs and ends with fried bubblegum can’t be all bad!

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Eye-owa State

1 Oct

Texas 37, Iowa State 14

Oct. 1, 2011 • Ames, Iowa

While the eyes of Texas were on the Horns and Cyclones in Ames, my eyes were on my son’s high school band. I was sitting in a University of Texas stadium, but this one was in Arlington with nary a football in sight.

Typically it stresses me out to miss seeing a UT game, but the Horns had a 34-0 lead by halftime and Ryan’s marching band ended up placing third in the prestigious contest. “All I do is WIN…”