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So Seedy

2 Jul


Kansas 24, Texas 21 (OT)

Nov. 19, 2016 • Lawrence, Kansas

I got all fancy with this TEXAS, seeing as how SURELY we’d win this one! It’s KANSAS, after all! Our coach might be in hot water for losing all those other road games, but KANSAS? As sure as sunflowers grow in Kansas, I was certain Texas would win.

*cough cough*

After this debacle, Coach Strong was as good as gone, and shortly after the season ended, he was officially on his way out of Austin.Was this loss all his fault? Not hardly. Did he run the routes, block, tackle? Nope. I liked the guy as a leader, as a man, but I can sum up why I think he had to go in four words: Can’t. Lose. To. Kansas!

There really isn’t a bright side to this embarrassing loss, but if there were, it would be that I saw very little of this game. I was lucky enough to accompany Ryan to New Orleans, where he was auditioning for College Jeopardy! He didn’t get the call, but he had a blast going through the process. We had a great day tooling around NOLa, too!


A Plain Ol’ Good Time

28 Jun


Texas 45, Texas Tech 37

Nov. 5, 2016 • Lubbock

After a couple of unpleasant fan experiences in Lubbock, I thought my days in Jones AT&T Stadium were over. Then my Katie Bug ended up at Lubbock Christian, and suddenly, I was all for an excuse to see a game on the South Plains!

The rainy/cool “football weather,” a rare but big win on the road, and time with my girl made for a fantastic day!

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

28 Jun


Kansas State 24, Texas 21

Oct. 22, 2016 • Manhattan, Kansas

Early in the season, I was walking through IKEA and spied a box of alphabet cookies. The outside of the box had only K cookies on it (probably because the Swedish brand name for the “biscuits” is Kex), so I grabbed it. What could be more perfect than to spell Texas with a bunch of K’s for K State, I thought.

I brought that box home and hid it in the pantry, making sure it didn’t get mistaken for an up-for-grabs snack. The day of the K State game, I pulled out the cookies and got ready to spell Texas with a bunch of K’s.

Except all the cookies weren’t K’s. Well, duh—of course they weren’t! I thought it was a little odd that a whole box of cookies would be a bunch of one letter, but it’s IKEA, right? Ugh. So dumb. Once I got over my chagrin, I made quick work of picking out the letters I needed. Easiest spelling ever, even if the connection to K State was completely lost.

Speaking of lost, my Horns lost this one, too. Blech.


Still Salty

27 Jun


Oklahoma State 49, Texas 31

Oct. 1, 2016 • Stillwater, Oklahoma

With apologies to all the good and fair referees out there, the officiating at last year’s Okie State game in Austin was a travesty. I even broke my own rule about not blaming a loss on bad calls. When this rematch rolled around, I was still salty about that loss. I was in Lubbock for LCU Parent Weekend for this game, so salt packets from our hotel breakfast bar filled the bill.

Good news: This loss was all on our play and not bad calls. Oh, wait. That’s the bad news, too. Ugh.








27 Jun


Cal 50, Texas 43

Sept. 17, 2016 • Berkeley, California

And just like that, our season comes crashing to a halt. The Haribo Gold-Bears were good luck last time we beat Cal, but this season, not even the chewy sweetness could overtake the bitter taste of this loss.






Bear Down

26 Dec

Texas 23, Baylor 17

Dec. 5, 2015 • Waco

Who woulda thunk it? If you had told me that the Horns would win just five games all season, I NEVER would’ve guessed two of those wins would come against ou and Baylor.

In the first half, our guys made it look easy. Baylor, in spite of ridiculous injuries, came into the game with the top offense IN THE NATION. The Bears had scored on their first drive of every game this season. This time, though, our D stuffed their fourth down conversion attempt to end their first drive. Then our O came to life and scored on the third play from scrimmage, a 57-yard pass from Swoopes to Bluiett. It was a thing of beauty.

At halftime our oft-maligned Horns were up 20-0 over the 12th-ranked Bears. We all knew that if anyone could come to life in the second half, it’d be Baylor.


After all, Baylor’s been known to play lights-out with the right inspiration.

Injuries had forced the Bears to play their fourth-string QB, which led to this post from another Twitter user:


That didn’t seem to matter, though. The Bears went to the wildcat formation and didn’t even need a quarterback to rattle off 17 unanswered points in the second half and pull within 3. Up 20-17, we finally rediscovered our offense and capped off this game with a Nick Rose FG to win by 6.

Of course, most college fans will say that Texas never would’ve beaten a healthy Baylor team. To that I say this:

(1) But we weren’t healthy, either. Nobody seemed to acknowledge the role huge injuries on D, not to mention our starting QB, had in our losses, especially that Tech game; and

(2) We beat ou. We are the only team that has beaten the sooners, now ranked number-freakin’-TWO, this year so far. How ’bout that?

I know, I know: Even these two huge upsets can’t save this abysmal season. But these precious wins were flat-out fun and desperately needed in this cringe-worthy year.

Ten years ago, we were packing for Pasadena, and this year, we’re not in a bowl at all and our long off-season has already begun. We have a new offensive coordinator aboard AND an ace QB commit headed our way, so hope springs eternal. You know I’m going to be in those stands regardless, so it’d be a whole lot more fun if we could actually get back to that thing we used to do and—what’s it called again? oh, yeah—WIN.

As I write this on Dec. 26, we are a l-o-o-o-o-n-g 252 days away from the next Texas football game, and knowing our first opponent will be the Irish will make the anticipation even greater. But when those gold helmets show up in DKR, we’ll be there. Our guys had better be ready.

Hook ’em.





Off the Cliff

25 Nov

TEXAS_wva15West Virginia 38, Texas 20

Nov. 14, 2015 • Morgantown, W.Va.

For this SpellTexas, I went with something appropriate for the “Mountaineers” of West Virginia: ridges. Mountaineers is in quotes because, as we’ve discussed before, the peaks of West Virginia barely qualify as mountains.

One might’ve thought the Mountaineers would barely qualify as competition for the Horns, but our team’s performance made this 5-4 team look like giants. We couldn’t get anything going, and just like in the away games against Notre Dame and Iowa State, we looked lost or jetlagged or just plain AWOL.

Sadly (or maybe it was a good thing), I only saw bits and pieces of this one. Katie and I were in Abilene for Wildcat Preview Day, and our sit-downs with professors and a campus tour kept me from staying glued to my Watch ESPN app.

Even though I couldn’t be there (even virtually) for my Horns in their time of need, I did get to see a college football win thanks to ACU’s big last-minute win over Southeastern Louisiana!

So here you go, at no additional charge, highlights from the ACU game:

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6 Nov


Iowa State 24, Texas 0

Oct. 31, 2015 • Ames, Iowa

Game? WHAT game? All I saw was some kind of costume party with a bunch of strangers wearing my team’s clothes. Ugh.

But hey, my chocolate eyeball EYEowa State Texas looks pretty good, huh?


Cereal Killers

7 Sep


Notre Dame 38, Texas 3

Sept. 5, 2015 • Notre Dame Stadium • South Bend, Indiana

Yes, we were 12.5-point underdogs. Yes, we have two true freshmen starting on our O-line, and the Irish D is stout. And yes, we still haven’t had a quarterback definitively rise to the top. But hey, how bad could it be?

Answer: Very, very bad.

Coming into this game, I was cautiously optimistic. I’d seen the practice reports. I’d heard about the scheme changes. I was anxious to see Strong’s first real recruits. I wasn’t completely blinded by my burnt-orange glasses, but I had hope.


Apparently, David Thomas had the same idea, coming up with this “Sunday Headline” on LHN: 


Alas, our Lucky Charms didn’t work, nor did our defense or offense. Questions abound (Where was J. Gray? What happened to Heard? What the heck are we DOING????), and it’s going to be a long season if we can’t find some answers.

How ’bout we get these guys back to DKR and turn this thing around?

Stillwater Runs Deep

16 Nov

Texas 28, Oklahoma State 7

Nov. 15, 2014 • Stillwater, OK

I’ve only been there once, and that was during the summer, but Stillwater seems like it’d be a pretty cool place to see a game. If Eskimo Joe’s is part of your gameday, how bad could it be? Besides, it would be a trip to see (and hear!) those paddles hitting the sideline walls and watch the OSU fans do their one-armed waving thing. In honor of this town I hope to revisit, this week’s Texas is spelled with “still water.”

Too bad my return couldn’t be for this game, the “Bowl Eligibility Bowl.” Which team would get that all-important sixth win? I knew we could beat Okie State, looking vulnerable with their 5-4 record. Then again, we were at 5-5, so what did I know? Early on, though, we had this one. Our D was solid through most of it. (Darn those nine first downs and the score that blew the shutout!) Our offense, even with some missed kicks thrown in, managed to get those points on the board, mostly in the first half. And that pass to Foreman?



The second half drop-off in production still puzzles me—What’s going on at halftime? Are other coaches THAT good at adjustments, or are we just that bad?—but we still put 9 on the board after halftime, including that sweet afore(man)mentioned TD pass. And whadyaknow, we’ve won three in a row. For this team that has struggled this season, raising questions of locker room buy-in and coaching quality, here we sit with six wins. And you know what that means:


But first, let’s not forget Turkey Day, when it’ll be OUR turn to be the cockroaches and mess up TCU’s title hopes. After the Frogs’ close call with Kansas, that upset may not be so far-fetched.


My attention level during the first half (as imitated by Frisco)


My attention level late in the game