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Give Me a Break

12 Sep

BYU 41, Texas 7

Sept. 6, 2014 • DKR

Seriously? AGAIN?!

After last year’s shellacking, I had hoped our guys could turn the Cougars into mere kitty cats. Down 6-0 at the half, it looked like we could still get our sweet revenge. Then the third quarter happened.

I knew this would be a rough outing on the offensive side of the ball. With Ash out indefinitely, Espinosa out for the season, and two OTs gone for violating team rules, our line was comprised of a bunch of rooks. Our rushing yardage reflected that. Malcolm-with-an-L Brown and JGray fought to grind out the yards, but they never could get the big runs they’re known for. New starting QB Tyrone Swooooooopes added some highlights, but it seemed like the O never could find its gear.

What I didn’t know is that our new-and-improved D would struggle so. BYU QB Taysom Hill is a beast. Last year we made him look like a world-beater. This time around he wasn’t quite as other worldly, but he still gained 134 yards on us—and we’re talking 134 on the ground. Sheesh.

Yeah, it was pretty ugly. But even worse was the reaction of a certain “fan” who sits near us. Not only did he call for our new coach’s immediate removal, he threw in a comment that I interpreted as racist. Grrrrr. I tried to talk him down, but he was too frothy by the time he gave up on “this @#$)@%! junior high team” to listen. So here’s my open letter to the man in row 51:

Like I tried to tell you Saturday night, you’ve got to give Coach Strong time. This big ol’ ship of a football program can’t turn around overnight. You thought Mack was soft? You were sick of undisciplined players? Then get off Strong’s back and let the man work! We’re in the midst of a culture change here. If you’re not going to allow Coach more than two games to effect that change, who WOULD you want? We’d better have a stockpile of candidates if you’re planning to replace the head coach every other week. Good luck with that stockpile, by the way. Who would take a job that requires that kind of instant success?

Then there’s the matter of personnel. Strong is working with someone else’s recruits, so he has yet to bring in his own. Because of all the suspensions, we’ve lost a bunch of experienced players, too. You’re mad about that; you know, so am I. The difference? You’re mad that this coach won’t let a little pot-smoking slide. I’m mad that these kids weren’t willing to make the changes Coach demanded, that they chose their short-term satisfaction over their lifelong best interests.

Maybe it’s a good thing you’re so mad. Maybe you’ll watch the next home game from your couch where you can rant and rave all you want without some middle-aged woman glaring at you, rolling her eyes at your ridiculous comments. Your stay-at-home plan would work well for all of us in the stands, the ones who stuck around to support this tenacious group of young men who were still fighting through every play, long after the game’s outcome was decided and you had given up.

Yeah, you could say I’m firmly Team Strong. I like the direction he’s taking us. Yes, I hate losing, especially by such a wide margin, but just wait! It may get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better.

Enough of that! Here are the photo highlights from the tailgate and game. (It’s never a good sign when you have more photos of Jetpack Guy than our D. But hey! JETPACK GUY! And this game was 100 percent drone-free.)


This Is the Place(mat)

8 Sep


Brigham Young 40, Texas 21

Sept. 7, 2013 • Provo, Utah

When our Horns played BYU in 2011, we used Honeycombs cereal in honor of the State of Deseret. This time around, our spelling is in tribute to Brigham Young’s famous “This is the place” line. (He most likely said, “This is the right place,” but “This is the place” is the name given to monuments and heritage parks, so who am I to bicker?)*

And you know, Brigham Young was right. Utah IS the place. It’s the place where our season went completely off the rails, just two weeks in. It’s the place where our defense gave up the most rushing yards EVER. It’s the place where any remaining faith I had in our defensive coordinator evaporated as quickly as that massive storm rolled across the Wasatch mountains pregame.


ChaCha agrees: This IS the place…for a nap.

I swear. This game was as lame as spelling with stupid placemats! From Daje’s injury to the awful penalties, this is one outing I’ll be happy to forget.

So on to Ole Miss! I’ll be there in DKR, screaming my head off. Regardless of our record or any game’s outcome, that stadium is MY place, and I’ll be there from “Eyes” to “Eyes” to cheer for my guys. Hook ’em.

*With the honeybee thing and the Brigham Young quote covered, I have now exhausted my Utah/LDS church history ken. You’re welcome.