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Magically Delicious

30 Sep

Texas 50, Notre Dame 47 (2OT)

Sept. 4, 2016 • DKR

02_texasA year ago, the Lucky Charms we used to spell Texas were decidedly UNlucky. The Irish clobbered our Horns 48-3, and it was UGLY.

Welcome to 2016! It’s a brand new year with a new quarterback, new OC, new Bevo, new Bertha, and yes, a new attitude. This time around, WE’RE the “cereal killers” knocking off the 10th-ranked team.

The day started with a hot time at the ol’ tailgate—literally. The heat and humidity, capped by a sudden rainshower, made for a sweaty afternoon. But the ATX barbecue sampler feast more than made up for it. As I said on FB, when you don’t know whether to serve Franklin, Southside, Kreuz, or Black’s, you serve ’em all! Thanks to Dub, our thinks-of-everything food guy, we got to do just that. Unbelievably yummy.

Of course, Notre Dame fans travel well, so we were treated to a parade of ND fans all afternoon. Good thing the Horns showed up, too! The I-35 traffic, along with the hordes of people along the sidewalks, let us know this was a Big Game.

Inside the stadium, the game lived up to the hype. From the introduction of Bevo XV to the long bombs from our freshman QB, Shane Buechele, we could tell this was a brand new year. But then the Irish managed to erase a 17-point deficit, and we began to think maybe this season would not be that different after all. We thought we’d be up by 3 when D’Onta Foreman scored with 3 1/2 minutes left, but a returned blocked PAT tied the game at 37. On to OT.

It took two overtimes, but SWOOOOOPES, there it is! Tyrone’s goal-line plunge ushered in a new era in Texas football.

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Cereal Killers

7 Sep


Notre Dame 38, Texas 3

Sept. 5, 2015 • Notre Dame Stadium • South Bend, Indiana

Yes, we were 12.5-point underdogs. Yes, we have two true freshmen starting on our O-line, and the Irish D is stout. And yes, we still haven’t had a quarterback definitively rise to the top. But hey, how bad could it be?

Answer: Very, very bad.

Coming into this game, I was cautiously optimistic. I’d seen the practice reports. I’d heard about the scheme changes. I was anxious to see Strong’s first real recruits. I wasn’t completely blinded by my burnt-orange glasses, but I had hope.


Apparently, David Thomas had the same idea, coming up with this “Sunday Headline” on LHN: 


Alas, our Lucky Charms didn’t work, nor did our defense or offense. Questions abound (Where was J. Gray? What happened to Heard? What the heck are we DOING????), and it’s going to be a long season if we can’t find some answers.

How ’bout we get these guys back to DKR and turn this thing around?