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Doubled Up the Double-T

19 Feb


Texas 70, Texas Tech 35

September 25, 2021 • DKR

Our guys made it look easy, running all over the Red Raiders. It gave us hope for conference play, even if it turned out to be false hope.

It was an all-around glorious day, with plenty of sunshine to light up Bevo Blvd. and Smokey’s Midway.

On the field, the Horns were rollin’, and Texas Mariachi and Ray Benson were rockin’!

And the pièce de résistance: Southwest Airlines fixed the errant apostrophe that was buggin’ the crap out of me!

So all in all, a great day!

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Hold Those Tortillas

18 Feb


Texas 63, Texas Tech 56 (OT)

September 26, 2020 • Lubbock

There are comebacks, and then there are EPIC comebacks. Considering the hate that seeps out of Jones AT&T Stadium, this one qualifies as epic. With our Horns trailing by 15 with 3:13 to go, ESPN gave Tech a 99.9 percent win probability. But Sam & Co. never gave up, and WE NEVER DOUBTED. (OK, maybe just a little.) Two quick scoring drives and a 2-point conversion later, we were headed to overtime. A Texas TD followed by an INT gave us this giant W on the South Plains.




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Tech-nically Back

18 Feb


Texas 49, Texas Tech 24

November 29, 2019 • DKR

Sam had 432 yards of offense, and Roschon Johnson scored THREE touchdowns. Now THAT’S worthy of some tossed tortillas!

Dede couldn’t make it to this one, so Katie accompanied me. Before the game, we had fun along Bevo Blvd. and stopped by the tailgate for a bit.

The weather was dreary, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying this last go-’round in DKR for the season. We said goodbye to our seatmates and met Section 1 legend Larry, the guy who all season long would yell through every single defensive play. We didn’t know it then, but that turned out to be our last game in Section 1. Row 52 had been our home for 14 years, but COVID would make us change our seats in 2020, and the stadium expansion pushed us into Section 2 starting in 2021. Inspirational! 

And what a fun game! It was great to let the Raiders get out to a 14-0 lead before coming back to crush them.

After the game, Katie and I walked over to the Tower and then to the Co-op to see the annual McConaughtree. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

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Lovin’ Lubbock

15 Nov


Texas 41, Texas Tech 34

Nov. 10, 2018 • Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock

Ever since Katie moved to Lubbock for college, I’ve been fortunate to attend several Tech games on the South Plains. 

Pregame we feasted on the ATX original, Chuy’s, and relied on bona-fide Lubbock tortillas to spell Texas. Then we joined a friend’s tailgate and tried to keep warm in that West Texas wind.

Once inside the stadium, we found our seats on row 42. That’s when we discovered that the Longhorn Band went up to row 37! Being that close to so many sousaphones—yes, all 21(!!!) of them—meant we were all about that bass.

12_bwahahaThis time, the Horns were the ones with the late TD to secure the win. Sam hit Lil’Jordan Humphrey for the game-winner with 21 seconds left, saving many tortillas in the process. (After witnessing the flinging throughout the game, we were amused to see this dire warning on our way out!)

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30 Mar


Texas Tech 27, Texas 23 

Nov. 24, 2017 • DKR

Ugh. Another Black Friday game. Another rotten loss. Another home season over. Not sure which was the biggest bummer.


Lunch at Buzzard Billy’s on the Brazos in Waco


Awkward tailgate selfie


Had to stop in Waco to see a win


Hook ’em, volleyball!

Hook ’em!

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A Plain Ol’ Good Time

28 Jun


Texas 45, Texas Tech 37

Nov. 5, 2016 • Lubbock

After a couple of unpleasant fan experiences in Lubbock, I thought my days in Jones AT&T Stadium were over. Then my Katie Bug ended up at Lubbock Christian, and suddenly, I was all for an excuse to see a game on the South Plains!

The rainy/cool “football weather,” a rare but big win on the road, and time with my girl made for a fantastic day!

Remember the Tortillas

3 Nov

Texas 34, Texas Tech 13

Nov. 1, 2014 • Lubbock

For each season’s Tech matchup, I keep going back to tortillas. This time around I was oh-so-close to using another Tech-related food to spell Texas, but tortillas are just too easy. One reason: A Tech friend was just talking about how students smuggle the contraband tortillas into their stadium (inside clothes and/or boots!). Another: They’re cheap and easy to cut into nearly any shape with scissors. And winning reason number 3: They’re plenty portable.


Portability was important because this weekend found us back in our old haunt, San Antonio. Between band contests and Alamo Bowl games, we seem to end up in ol’ San Antone at least twice a year. Three years ago, Katie and I watched Ryan and the band in San Antonio on a Friday night, drove back to Austin that Saturday to see Texas beat Tech, and then returned to the Alamodome for the contest finals that night. Two years ago, I was in SA while the Horns played the Raiders in Lubbock and we won that one, too. Who am I to mess with a winning tradition? This time, though, the Texas tortillas were not photographed  at the tailgate or at a beaver’s feet but along the banks of the Riverwalk.

Because the band contest finals got underway about the same time as kickoff, I was in the Alamodome for much of the game. Armed with my trusty Fox Sports Go app, I was certain I’d be able to check out the game between bands’ performances. But have you ever tried to watch streaming video while inside a giant concrete box? Service was predictably terrible, so for the first quarter and a half, my only contact with the contest in LBB was via texts from my crazy friends. To go by their version of events, we’re the worst team in the history of teams ever ever ever with no offense and no (as usual) linebackers. When I took a break from the contest to grab a bite to eat, I was delighted to discover that in spite of our miscues, we are NOT, in fact, the worst team. Eventually the sky-is-falling texts quieted down, and I was able to see that lovely final score.

So I saw less of this game than any other in years. I DID see San Antonio, though, including the Cradle of Texas Liberty, which we are bound by (family) law to visit each time we’re in town.

Trading Turkey for Tortillas

29 Nov


Texas 41, Texas Tech 16

November 28, 2013 • DKR

That fake punt. Sad that after a win, I’m still shaking my head over a fake punt that gave Tech their first touchdown. But my goodness, we were so busted on that play! I have to admit: Early on, I was afraid we were going to be the Raiders’ Thanksgiving dinner.

Thankfully, our guys found some offense (McCoy! Bergeron! Shipley!) and some punishing D (Jeffcoat! Jeffcoat! Jeffcoat!). Late in the game we even got to see a little Swoopes, and it was especially sweet to watch him score the first of what should be many, many Texas touchdowns. The result? A victory that was the sweetest pumpkin pie to follow that turkey of a loss to Oklahoma State.

So now the Horns can win a share of the Big 12 title by beating Baylor. Baylor, the team I just THOUGHT was a buzzsaw—that is, until I saw them undone by the Okie State Cowboys. Can we beat ’em? Who knows! But if we do, we can get a piece of the conference title, and that ain’t too shabby for this injury-riddled, mistake-prone, humiliated-by-lesser-teams team. (And if ou beats OSU, we can even win the title outright with a win over Baylor. A BCS bowl? THIS year? Now THAT would be crazy. Can you think of any other time when an unranked team has won its conference and played in a BCS bowl? Yeah, no.)


Every time I think about using something other than tortillas to represent Tech, I see or hear something that convinces me otherwise. Sure enough, at kickoff, tortillas flew from the north endzone stands onto the playing field. Yep, Techsters still love their tortillas! I like ’em, too. Gotta love any spelling medium that I can cut with scissors! Talk about flexible.

You know what I don’t love? Thanksgiving games. Oh, I didn’t mind the every-other-year schedule. That routine still gave me family time on those odd years. This annual schedule, though? For the birds (and I don’t mean turkeys). What I’d prefer? T+1 games. Give me those Friday games, and I would be there without complaint. Rumor has it that UT’s new athletic director may move the Thanksgiving game. Hey, I’d be satisfied if it just went back to every other year. But having a game EVERY Thanksgiving? No, thanks.

My best football buddies said just that this year. They both stayed home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. I did, too, but I ate and ran, leaving our lunch celebration after just 90 minutes to make the drive to Austin. I wasn’t thrilled to attend the game without my compadres, but I couldn’t stand the thought of missing this season’s last home game.

So imagine my joy when a friend offered me a seat with her, and not just any seat, but a place in a luxury suite. SWEET, indeed! Because of the holiday, she had extra tickets for her sister’s family suite, and she thought I’d enjoy sitting there for a change. The timing was perfect. And that’s how I was privileged to see my first game from a luxury suite.

And luxurious it was! Lots a great food and drink, an attendant/bartender, a private bathroom(!!!), comfy seats, two TVs, custom touches: It was all first-class. Compared to our usual seats, I had a great view of the field, too. It was a chilly evening, but being semi-indoors kept us from getting too cold. With the windows open, we could hear the crowd more than I thought we would. The only thing we couldn’t hear well was the PA announcer/Godzillatron. And I must say, I felt a tiny bit inhibited as the game progressed. I was far from silent, but there’s no doubt that this was the quietest I’ve ever been during a game.

I have watched 224 Longhorn football games in person, and this was by far the nicest environment I’ve ever experienced. But oh, how I wish my best buddies could’ve shared it with me! I missed the camaraderie, the griping, the cheering, the high-fiving. But since I knew they were with their families, I could just sit back and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime taste of the “suite life.”

Some suite and game pix:

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So that’s a wrap on the 2013 home season! It seems it was just a few days ago that our season tickets arrived in the mail, and now we’ve used the last one.

See ya next year, ol' pal!

See ya next year, ol’ pal!

But we’re not finished yet! Bring on Baylor and the bowl!

The Buc Stops Here

3 Nov

Texas 31, Texas Tech 22

Nov. 3, 2012 • Lubbock

The Texas Tech tortilla tradition started back in the early ’90s, when I was but a fresh, young Texas Ex venturing out into the world. Some ESPN commentator had said there was nothing in Lubbock but Tech and a tortilla factory, so enterprising Red Raider fans took to tossing the flatbread-cum-Frisbees at their games.

I don’t know if Tech fans still throw them these days, but the connection remains. Year after year, I end up spelling Texas with tortillas. Gotta love a spelling medium that’s (a) cheap, (b) accessible and (c) easy to cut into letters!

Last year Katie and I took to the tortillas at our Austin tailgate in between sessions of a big marching band contest in San Antonio. This year, the Horns were in Lubbock, but I was back in SA for another band contest! On my way to Bexar County, I made my first visit to Buc-ee’s. And it wasn’t just any Buc-ee’s. This was the New Braunfels Buc-ee’s, the “world’s largest convenience store” that opened last March.

The beef jerky. The Beaver Nuggets. The 60 gas pumps. The palatial bathrooms. I’d heard all about it, so this was my chance to take it all in. How could I commemorate such an important occasion?

By spelling Texas there, of course!

Yep, those tortillas were placed between the two feet of Buc-ee himself.

Now that I’ve tasted the nuggets, I know what all the fuss is about. Pretty amazing, that Buc-ee’s. But you know what’s even more amazing?

Beating Tech. In Lubbock. THIS year.

While two of my football buddies were in Jones AT&T Stadium, I was in the Alamodome watching my kids march.

Since their prelim time was 2, I made a quick exit after their show to find a TV. I ended up at the Grand Hyatt just across I-37 from the stadium. It turned out to be the perfect place to watch the game.

Not only did I have a TV right in front of me, but I got to visit with some other football fans and eat lunch. (Well, I had good company once the sooner fans took a hike!) The Thai Chicken Quesadilla was delish, but the way our offense was clicking was even spicier. J Gray continues to shine, and a couple of TD passes from Ash (to Shipley and Davis) proved that the rumors of David’s demise were premature. After watching our D give up so many yards and points all season, it was mighty tasty to see our guys end the cycle of trading TD for TD. Once the Texas defense held Tech to field goals on two possessions, I was in. “I believe; help me with my unbelief.”

Around halftime I returned to the Alamodome to hear the prelim results. Once I found out our band placed second in its class and advanced to finals, I high-tailed it back to the bar to watch the rest of the game. The third quarter was rough for our Horns, but we pulled this one out relatively comfortably. The key possessions: With the Horns lead cut to 2, Ash hit “Magic Mike” Davis for a TD. Then our beleaguered defense managed to keep the Red Raiders out of the endzone even though they had 1st and goal! Once Carrington Byndom blocked the field goal attempt, we were in for the win.

That’s sweeter than a bag o’ Beaver Nuggets.

After the game ended and high-fives and handshakes had been shared, I was leaving the bar when I noticed its name: Bar Rojo. Ha! If I’d known the place was called the “Red Bar,” I probably would’ve been too superstitious to watch the game there!

No matter. By the time this game ended, that place had turned into Bar Naranjo.

P.S. – After the game I was back at the stadium for the marching contest finals. Our kids placed 10th out of 62 bands. What a great Saturday!

Tortillas for Tech

5 Nov

Texas 52, Tech 20

Nov. 5, 2011 • DKR

We have used tortillas for Texas Tech almost exclusively. For one, Tech students are known for flinging tortillas at their games. Plus, tortillas are easy to cut, making it simple to shape the letters (and in this case, the state outline). Besides bug spray, what else could you use for the Raiders, anyway?

This was a special game because my daughter was able to join me. It turned out to be a crazy weekend for us because we were in San Antonio Friday for a band contest, spent the night there, then drove back to Austin for the game before returning to San Antone for the contest finals. What a weekend! Thank goodness the Horns gave us plenty of reason to celebrate as we spent all that time in the car.

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