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The Eyes Have It

27 Jun


Texas 27, Iowa State 6

Oct. 15, 2016 • DKR

After a three-game losing streak, all eyes were on Eye-owa State. Now that the Horns were finally back home, could they get back to their winning ways?

It had been more than a month since we’d won a game, so this victory was sweet! What made it extra special: It was my grand nephew’s first Texas game AND the Alumni Band performance, too!



Hatching a New Season

2 Sep


Texas 56, New Mexico State 7

Aug. 31, 2013 • DKR

Horns vs. Aggies for the season opener? Yes, but not THOSE aggies. While our former conference rivals were busy trying to pry the Sharpie out of their quarterback’s hand, we were facing the Aggies from New Mexico State. So what could we use to represent our neighbors to the west? Hatch green chiles, of course!

Hatch season at HEB

Hatch season at HEB

Tex-Mex lovers know that this is Hatch chile season. From grocery store produce bins to Chuy’s annual green chile fest, it’s hard to miss the plethora of peppers  shipped our way each summer.

Just 40 miles southeast of Hatch, New Mexico, is Las Cruces, home to New Mexico State. Much like their state’s big export, these guys arrived fresh and spicy! Late in the first half, the Aggies were holding on to a 7-0 lead and our Horns’ #15 ranking seemed exceptionally generous. Our D was reverting to its lackluster 2012 form, and the offense was deja-vuing all over the place (e.g., throwing for 10 on 3rd and 12).

Then came the 56 unanswered points, the school-record 715 total yards on offense, our first glimpse of a certain Mr. Overstreet, and repeated LHB performances of “Taps in One.”

This isn’t the first time our guys have struggled early against an “easy” opponent. This was, however, the first time in a decade that we were watching it all unfold without our Section 1 buddies backing us up. Six of our friends and tailgating buddies did not renew their season tickets, so our hearty band is dwindling. We missed them terribly, but we’ll still be high-fiving them virtually. Regardless, I’m not planning on going anywhere. When one of our remaining seatmates told me to let him know if I ever decided to drop my tickets, I told him someone else would have to message him—after my funeral!

So here are a few scenes from our extra hot tailgate and the game, complete with a special appearance by the Longhorn Alumni Band and a much-loved corny dog!